Tetsuya Noguchi Exhibition December 2017: Armored Neighbor

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The very talented Tetsuya Noguchi will have a new exhibition “Armored Neighbor” from December 1st till December 16th 2017, in Gallery Gyokuei in Tokyo.

I copy paste here the explanation of the exhibition from the official gallery website (link):

The time when European culture of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque had flourished was in fact, parallel to the stream of Medieval Japan, Sengoku and Edo period.
Numerous maestros colouring the age of Renaissance had lived in the same era as the rise and fall of Muromachi period, as the impressive painters of Baroque had shared their time axis with famous Sengoku warriors.
Giotto, who had produced sophisticated tempera works before the coming of oil paints is from Kamakura period, Cranach, known by his portraits of female beauty was born in the middle of Ōnin War, and Bruegel painted his Tower of Babel in the height of the battles of Kawanakajima.
In the early Edo period, still during the lifetime of Sengoku patriarch, Rembrandt was born a year after Tokugawa Iemitsu and presented his masterpieces in portrait to the Dutch art world.
Would the life of a person be found again through the eye of someone else?
Let me search for them from the eyes of my neighbours far in the past.

Tetsuya Noguchi


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