About me

Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by Japan, it’s culture, it’s traditions and it’s beautiful armours. Since I moved to Japan in 2003, I started to combine my passion for photography and Japanese armour and have photographed now private collections in several countries, and visited many museums all over Japan and the rest of the world.

I have no real interest in buying or selling armour, but want to open this fascinating world with the help of detailed and beautiful pictures and information that is difficult to obtain outside of Japan, or that will even disappear when the very few people still active in this field will retire.

I am a director of The Japanse Armour Society society (Nihon Katchū Bugu Kenkyū Hozon Kai – NKBKHK) with a special focus on foreign relations and I’m more then willing to help people who want to become a member. Please contact me via if you are interested.

About this website

This website will contain as many pictures as I’m able to share, book reviews, exhibitions and other topics that are related to Japanese armour.


You can contact me at katchunobi [at] gmail [dot] com.